4 Reasons to Visit Us for the Best Dinner and Show in Pigeon Forge

If you’re looking for the best dinner and show in Pigeon Forge, look no further than Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud! Our show has everything you need and more for an unforgettable evening, from our delicious dinner to our hilarious entertainment. If you’ve never been to our attraction, then you have to plan a trip! Here are 4 reasons to visit us for the best dinner and show in Pigeon Forge:

1. Our meal is all-you-can-eat.

Granny's Four Course Feast at Hatfield & McCoy Dinner FeudWe don’t just serve you a mouth-watering meal. We serve you a mouth-watering meal that’s all-you-can-eat! That’s right — one of the main reasons we’re the best dinner and show in Pigeon Forge is because you can enjoy endless helpings of our food while you watch our show! Your meal will taste like it came straight from Granny’s kitchen. Our Southern homestyle feast includes the following:

  • Feudin’ Fried Chick’n
  • Open Pit Pulled-to-Pieces Pork Barbeque
  • Southern Style Creamy Soup
  • Smashed Mashed Taters
  • Buttery Corn on the Cob
  • Ma’s Hot Homemade Bread
  • No Tellin’ What’s In It Coleslaw
  • Granny’s Famous Specialty Dessert

We also have gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan meal options available upon request to accommodate all dietary preferences.

2. We have high-flying fun.

While you enjoy our homestyle feast, you’re in for some fun. And thanks to the addition of the billycopter, that includes high-flying fun! Watch as fun takes flight in our theater. The mayor gifted this flying contraption to the sheriff to help him keep up with everything going on between the Hatfield and McCoy families. The billycopter results in extra laughter and excitement during our show.

3. We’re the longest running family feud in history!

Start your summer with a bang at Hatfield & McCoy Dinner FeudWhen you visit our show in Pigeon Forge, you’ll become a part of the longest running family feud in history! Both these families had the great idea to move to the Smoky Mountains, and now they’re competing in a variety of events together to see who comes out on top. Watch as the Hatfields and McCoys try to settle their differences once and for all, and cheer on your favorite family! Some lucky audience members will even have the chance to join in on the competition.

4. We have a swimming hole.

Another reason you should join us for the best dinner and show in Pigeon Forge is because we have something no other show in town has — a swimming hole in the middle of our stage. One of our audience members’ favorite parts of the show is when we turn our stage into a giant swimming hole so our diving hillbillies and diving dogs can show off their skills! Be careful if you’re in the front row, you just might get splashed!

Now that you know more about us, we bet you can’t wait to visit for the best dinner and show in Pigeon Forge! Grab your tickets to Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud so you don’t miss out on all the excitement!

Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud